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BNA Insiders

Let's Strategize

The Nashville International Airport (BNA) had an idea to bring mobile ordering to the airport. 27 Stella was brought in as a strategic marketing partner, subcontracting with ToGo Technologies, to help launch the preorder platform and employee program called BNA Insiders. The BNA Insiders program aimed to build community on the BNA campus and improve employee work life, while preparing the airport for wider rollout of mobile ordering to travelers. We led the efforts, helping them develop an idea into a branded program and technology initiative-from the ground up, creating strategies and plans to bring the basic idea to life. Along the way, we stayed true to our lean methodology of build-test-learn. As we encountered challenges, we strategized and troubleshooted to brought forth solutions and create a highly successful program.

BNA Insiders was Highly Commended by the Moodie Davitt Report for Best Employee Engagement of 2018.

Marketing Collateral

We designed flyers to be posted in employee break rooms to raise awareness and generate excitement around the new program. Promotional cards were used to offer coupon codes to employees to encourage first time use of the ordering platform. These were distributed in person throughout the airport as part of a grassroots marketing approach.

BNA Insiders break room poster.png
BNA Insiders Referral Cards.png
Email Campaigns

We established email campaigns as the main way to communicate to BNA insiders about news, discounts, events, promotions and more. We designed different campaign types to encourage trial and awareness of the new BNA Insiders platform, educate new users on the new technology, collect user feedback, and address guest experience issues that we were hearing about in feedback. We designed a program - Mystery Diner - to help us learn more about and address these guest experience problems. We recruited "mystery diners" to order from certain restaurants at certain days or times or order a specific meal and gathered feedback on these orders. We then passed along results and recommendations to the Operators.

BNA Insiders email graphics.png
BNA Insiders Mystery Diner email graphics.png

During our research phase, we learned that a majority of BNA employees used computers and laptops more than smartphones while at work. We also learned that many of them were unaware that employee specials were available to them. We needed to create a platform they could use during work hours to order their food in advance and learn about promotions and specials. We designed the BNA Insiders website to be easy to use, with all of the features just one or two clicks away. On the website, employees can order food, view current employee specials, learn about promotions and discounts, sign up for our email list, and enter into sweepstakes and promotions.

BNA Insiders website preview.png
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