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4 Benefits of Choosing a Small Marketing Agency

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a marketing agency to establish your look & feel, launch a promotional campaign, create a new logo or design a fresh, new layout for flyers and business cards. You want an agency that understands your vision, can quickly adapt to changes, fits within your budget and produces top-notch deliverables that exceed your expectations.

With so many choices out there, it can be overwhelming trying to find the best fit. Here are the top 4 reasons you may want to consider a small agency over a larger corporation:

1) Communication

Smaller agencies tend to be more accessible and responsive than bigger firms. Your point-of-contact within a small agency is more likely to be directly in charge of the team working on your account, instead of using a middle-man who has to pass your message along to the creative team.

With large firms, you are one of many, many clients and your account manager’s attention isn’t always available to you.

2) Flexibility

A small, close-knit team is more likely able to handle changes and suggestions during crunchtime. Since the structure of small agencies is flatter, meaning there are fewer levels of management, client input reaches the whole team in less time.

A large, hierarchical organization moves more slowly, because your feedback has to change hands several times before it gets to the key people. This means not only does it take longer to reach the critical team, it also takes longer to make the changes and produce a finished product.

3) Budget

Because small agencies have less overhead and don’t have to pay for massive office space or salaries for dozens – or even hundreds – of employees, you don’t have to worry about funding a CEO’s lavish lifestyle. You’re paying for our talent and our time – not flashy company cars or fancy lunches.

4) Agility

Smaller teams work faster. Have you heard of Jeff Bezos’ two-pizza rule? He claims that if a team is so large they can’t be fed by two pizzas, the team is too big. Large teams mean longer conversations & communication, more bureaucracy, more chaos, etc., which typically results in a slowdown.

With a small, specialized team, ideas flow faster and work gets done more efficiently, saving you time and money.

Read more about the two-pizza-rule here.

Keep these 4 benefits in mind next time you’re looking for a creative marketing agency to help your brand fly


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